How do I get started with AWS Organizations?

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I want to use AWS Organizations to administer and pay bills for other AWS accounts.


First, activate AWS Organizations for your account. Then, add other AWS accounts to your organization.

Activate AWS Organizations for your account

  1. Open the AWS Organizations console.
  2. Choose Create organization.
  3. In Create organization page, Choose Create organization.

When you create an organization, you can choose whether the organization supports all features (recommended) or only consolidated billing features. When you create an organization, all features are enabled by default. If you create an organization with consolidated billing features only, you can enable all features later.

Add accounts to your organization

You can create a new member account or invite an existing AWS account to be a member account in your organization.

Apply service control policies (SCPs)

Apply service control policies to any account in your organization to manage the level of access and permissions for each account.

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