Why was I charged a retrieval fee to pull my data from an Amazon S3 Glacier vault?

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I pulled information from an Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) Glacier vault, but I was charged a fee.


You can retrieve a part of your total Amazon S3 Glacier storage without extra charges. Amazon S3 Glacier offers a 10 GB retrieval under Free Tier allowance. You can retrieve 10 GB of your Amazon S3 Glacier data per month for free. You can use the Free Tier allowance at any time during the month, and the allowance applies to only Standard retrievals. If you retrieve more than 10 GB in Standard retrievals under Free Tier, or use Expedited or Bulk retrievals, then you're charged a retrieval fee. For more information about data retrievals, see Amazon S3 Glacier FAQs.

To minimize retrieval charges, set up a data retrieval policy for your account.

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