How can I increase my IAM default quota?

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I want to increase my AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) default quota.


You can request an increase to default quotas for adjustable IAM quotas up to the maximum limit. Quota requests within the maximum limit are automatically approved.

To view the default and maximum IAM quota limits, see IAM object quotas.

  • IAM quota increase requests are available only in the US East (N. Virginia) Region.
  • You can't request an increase to default quotas that aren't adjustable.

Follow these steps to request an increase for adjustable IAM quotas within the maximum limit:

1.    Open the Service Quotas console in the us-east-1 Region.

2.    In the navigation pane, choose AWS services.

3.    In the AWS services search bar, enter IAM.

4.    In Service, choose IAM.

5.    In Quota name, choose the quota that you want to increase.

Note: Make sure that the Adjustable value equals Yes.

6.    Choose Request quota increase.

7.    In Change quota value, enter the quota amount, and then choose Request.

8.    In Recent quota increase requests, the Status is Pending.

9.    After five minutes, refresh the page.

If the quota request is below the maximum quota limit, the request is automatically approved and the Status is now Quota request approved.

(Optional) To request an increase for adjustable IAM quotas above the maximum limit:

1.    Follow the previous steps 1-9.

2.    If the quota request is above the maximum quota limit, the Status is now Quota requested. Choose Quota requested to view the Support Center case number opened on your behalf.

You can view the status of your quota increase request by choosing the Support case number.

Note: Quota requests above the maximum default limit are not automatically approved.

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