Why is there an unknown principal format in my IAM resource-based policy?

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I tried to edit and save my AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) resource-based policy, but it has an unknown principal with random characters.

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If your resource-based policy contains a Principal element with an Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for specific IAM entities, the ARN changes to a unique principal ID when it's saved. This unique Principal ID has the prefix AIDA for IAM users, and AROA for IAM roles.

Example format before the resource-based policy is saved:



Example format after the resource-based policy is saved:



For more information, see IAM role principals.


The unique principal ID in a resource-based policy indicates that the IAM user or role was deleted. The principal ID appears because AWS can't map it back to a valid ARN. If you edit the resource-based policy, you must either remove the principal ID or replace it with a valid Principal ARN. The ARN changes to the user or roles new unique ID after you save the policy.

For more information, see IAM role principals.

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