How do I provide IAM users with a link to assume an IAM role?

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I want to provide AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users links to an IAM role.

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You can provide the IAM user with the URL link of the IAM role that you want them to assume.


Follow these instructions to get the IAM role link that you want the IAM user to assume. The following example uses IAM user Bob.

1.    If you haven't already done so, follow the instructions for creating an IAM user in your AWS account. Then, follow the instructions for creating an IAM role.

2.    Choose the role name. In the Summary pane, in Link to switch roles in console, copy the link. The link looks similar to the following:

3.    Provide the link to IAM user Bob.

4.    Bob opens the IAM console, and then pastes the link into the browser window.

5.    The Switch Role page opens for Bob. In Display Name, enter Bob.

6.    (Optional) Choose a Color for Bob.

7.    Choose Switch Role.

Bob now assumes the IAM role that you provided.

For more information, see Things to know about switching roles in the console.

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