What information should I include in my AWS Support case?

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I have a Developer or Business Support plan, and I’m opening a technical support case to get help from AWS Support.


All the following information can be helpful to AWS Support engineers attempting to diagnose the issue:

  • A description of your use case. What is the intended behavior for this resource / application / project?
  • The environment in which you’re observing the issue. Is this your production, staging, development, or test environment? Who is the intended audience for this content / application?
  • Region. Include information on Regions from which you launched or are attempting to launch your resources.
  • Resource IDs of the affected resources. Include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instance IDs, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) object and bucket names, Amazon CloudFront distribution IDs, API request IDs, and so on.
  • Dates / times when you experienced the issue, and how long the issue persisted. Be sure to include your time zone.
  • Log files from the approximate time the issue occurred. You can attach these directly to your case.
  • Any error messages that you’re receiving.
  • The steps you took, or the steps a Support engineer might take, to reproduce the issue.
  • For networking and DNS issues, the outputs of tcptraceroute / TCP MTR / telnet / netcat / curl / dig / nslookup commands.

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