Why do I receive a 403 (unauthorized) error when I try to open Lightsail?

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I receive a 403 (unauthorized) error when I try to open Amazon Lightsail.


If you try to open the Lightsail console and receive a 403 error, then take the following actions:

  • If you recently created your AWS account or your AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user, then wait a few minutes and refresh your browser.
  • If you haven't signed in to your account for some time, then refresh your browser. If you're prompted to sign in again, then verify that your IAM user has access to Lightsail.
  • If your IAM user doesn't have access to Lightsail, then you must request access. To request access, contact your organization's account root user or an IAM user with administrator access. For more information, see Manage access to Amazon Lightsail for an IAM user.

Note: If the account was created before 2011, then in rare cases AWS Support must subscribe the account to Lightsail. If you continue to receive a 403 error after you take the preceding actions, then contact AWS Support.

AWS OFFICIALUpdated a month ago