How do I move my Lightsail instance to another AWS Region?

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How can I migrate my Amazon Lightsail instance from one AWS Region to another?

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Migrating a Lightsail instance directly from one Region to another isn't possible. Instead, you can create a snapshot of the Lightsail instance and copy it to another Region. Then, you can launch a new instance using the copied snapshot in the destination Region.

Before you begin, note the following:

  • You can use snapshots to create new resources or for data backup.
  • The new Lightsail instance in the destination Region has a different private IPv4 or public IPv6 IP address. After launching the new instance, you must update all references to the old IP addresses (for example, in DNS entries) with the new IP addresses that are assigned to the new instance. This is because you can't migrate IP addresses to different Regions.


  1. Select the Lightsail instance you want to migrate, and then create an instance snapshot from it. The new instance snapshot has the status of Snapshotting.
  2. Copy the newly created instance snapshot to a different Region.
  3. Select the instance snapshot in the destination Region, and then create a new instance from the instance snapshot.

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