How do I submit a quota increase request in Lightsail?

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I want to submit a quota increase request in Amazon Lightsail.

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Your AWS account has default quotas for each service, including Lightsail. If you can't use Lightsail because you reached your quota, then you can request an increase.

Note: Not all service quotas can be increased.


To request a quota increase, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the AWS Management Console, and then navigate to the Lightsail dashboard.
  2. On the dropdown list at the top-right corner of the page, choose Account.
  3. Choose Service quotas.
  4. Locate the resource that needs a higher limit, and then choose Request a quota increase. A new page appears for you to specify your request.
    Note: Each quota is Region-specific unless it's otherwise noted.
  5. Choose Request increase at account-level.
  6. Under Increase quota value, enter the new quota value, and then choose Request.

Important: After you submit your request, AWS will review it. It takes time for AWS to review and approve your request. It's a best practice to plan ahead before you request a quota increase.
Note: To better understand your quota increase request, AWS might ask you for more information.

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