Why am I receiving errors when deleting a static IP address using the Amazon Lightsail console?

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I'm receiving the error "The specified Static IP address cannot be released from your account. A reverse DNS record may be associated with the Static IP address." when deleting a static IP address from my Amazon Lightsail console. How do I resolve this issue?

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You might receive the specified Static IP address cannot be released error message when a reverse Domain Name System (rDNS) record was previously created for your static IP address and the rDNS entry isn't removed.

To confirm if the static IP address has rDNS mapping to the domain, run the following command on the Terminal or Powershell:

$ nslookup -type=ptr

Note: Replace IP address with your static IP address.

If the rDNS record doesn't end with "compute.amazonaws.com" but instead ends with a custom record of your domain, then you must request for rDNS removal.


To resolve the issue, submit a request to remove the rDNS record for the static IP address.

  1. Open the Request to remove email sending limitations form.
  2. Complete the form using the following information:
    Email Address: Your email address.
    Use Case Description: Provide your specific use case for requesting rDNS removal.
    Elastic IP address: Enter IP address here.
    Reverse DNS record: Enter "Remove rDNS record".
    Note: You have the option to enter up to 100 Elastic IP addresses.
  3. Choose Submit.

Note: rDNS removal might take a few hours to propagate through the system.

You receive an email with the Request ID after submitting the request form. It might take up to 48 hours to process your request. If your request is approved, then you receive an email to notify you that the rDNS record is removed. After you receive confirmation that the associated rDNS record is removed, you can delete the static IP address from the Lightsail console. If you don't receive an update within 48 hours after submitting the request, then reply to the initial email that you received.

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