How can I require MFA authentication for IAM users that use the AWS CLI?

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I created a multi-factor authentication (MFA) condition policy to restrict access to AWS services for AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) users. The policy works with the AWS Management Console, but not with the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI).

Short description

The following example IAM policy requires IAM users to use MFA to access specific AWS services:

  "Sid": "BlockMostAccessUnlessSignedInWithMFA",
  "Effect": "Deny",
  "NotAction": [
  "Resource": "*",
  "Condition": {
    "Bool": {
      "aws:MultiFactorAuthPresent": "false",
      "aws:ViaAWSService": "false"

IAM users with the AWS Management Console are prompted to enter MFA authentication credentials and can then access AWS services. However, IAM users with the AWS CLI aren't prompted to enter MFA authentication credentials and can access AWS services.


Note: If you receive errors when you run AWS CLI commands, then see Troubleshoot AWS CLI errors. Also, make sure that you're using the most recent AWS CLI version.

The aws:MultiFactorAuthPresent key doesn't exist in requests made using long-term credentials. With the Boolean condition operator, if the key in the policy isn't present, then the values don't match. The MultiFactorAuthPresent key doesn't deny access to requests made using long-term credentials.

IAM users using the AWS Management Console generate temporary credentials and allow access only if MFA is used.

The Boolean condition lets you restrict access with a key value set to true or false. You can add the IfExists condition operator to check if the MultiFactorAuthPresent key is present in the request. If the MultiFactorAuthPresent key isn't present, IfExists evaluates the condition element as true similar to the following:

"Effect" : "Deny",
"Condition" : { "BoolIfExists" : { "aws:MultiFactorAuthPresent" : "false", "aws:ViaAWSService":"false"} }

Note: IAM users using the AWS CLI with long-term credentials are denied access and must use MFA to authenticate. Therefore, be sure to use an MFA token to authenticate your CLI session.

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It is simple not works while working with SCP. Only if you attach it directly to a user, or a userGroup where the user part of this group.

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