Can I pay my AWS bill in a currency other than US dollars (USD)?

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I want to pay my AWS bill in a currency other than US dollars (USD).


You can pay your bill in a non-USD currency by following the instructions at Changing the currency to pay your bill. For currencies currently supported by AWS, see What currencies does AWS currently support?
Note: By default, all AWS customers are billed in US dollars.

Your seller of record information might impact your available local currencies.

When using a non-USD currency, consider the following:

  • All preferred currency amounts shown in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console are estimated in USD.
  • Your finalized monthly bill is generated in the local currency you choose.
  • Rates can change daily. The exchange rate applied to your invoice is the current rate when your invoice is created. Note: Currency conversion is provided by Amazon Services LLC.
  • You can change your local currency at any time, but after an invoice is finalized, the invoice must be paid in that currency.
  • You can pay invoices in non-USD currencies by using Visa or MasterCard. All other cards are charged only in USD.
    Note: If you choose a payment currency that the card issuer doesn't support, you might be charged foreign currency conversion charges or fees.

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