Why do I get the ConstraintViolationException error?

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I want to resolve the error: “ConstraintViolationException You cannot remove an account from the organization if the account owner has not completed phone pin verification. Sign in into that account to address this.“

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This error message appears when you try to remove an account from an organization in AWS Organizations. You must verify the contact information before you can remove the account.


Note: Before you begin, review Considerations before removing an account from an organization.

You can remove an account from your organization only if the account has the required information to operate as a standalone account.

A standalone account requires this information before you can remove it from the organization:

  • The account has an AWS Support plan.
  • The account has verified contact information.
  • The account has a valid payment method.

Verify the contact information

Contact the AWS Accounts and Billing team to verify the account owner's phone number.

Update the contact information

If you need to update the contact information, make sure you have the following AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) permissions:

  • aws-portal:ViewAccount (to see the account details page)
  • aws-portal:ModifyAccount

Follow these steps to update the contact information of the AWS account that you want to remove from an organization:

  1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console as an IAM user or role that has the minimum permissions.
  2. Choose your account name on the top right of the window, and then choose Account.
  3. Scroll down to the section Contact information, and then next to it, choose Edit.
  4. Update the phone number.
    Important: Make sure that the phone number has the correct country code and no extra spaces.
  5. Choose Update.

After you update the phone number, contact the AWS Accounts and Billing team for immediate verification.

After you verify the information, remove the account from your organization if it meets the criteria for a standalone account.
Note: AWS Support can't remove a member account from an organization on your behalf for any reason.

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