How do I move an account from an existing AWS Organization to another AWS Organization?

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I want to move my member account from an existing AWS Organization to another Organization.

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Check these prerequisites before you migrate an AWS account from an existing Organization to new Organization:

  • You have the necessary permissions to move both the management and member accounts in the Organization. For example:
    DescribeOrganization: This is required only when using the AWS Organizations console.
    LeaveOrganization: The Organization's administrator can apply a policy to your account that denies permission to remove your account from the Organization.
    Note: If you can't leave the Organization, contact AWS Support.
  • If you sign in as an AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) user, make sure you have these permissions: aws-portal:ModifyBilling and aws-portal:ModifyPaymentMethods. Also, the member account must have an activated IAM user access to billing. For more information, see About IAM Access to the AWS Billing console.
  • You backed up any reports from the member accounts that you must keep. The member accounts can't access these reports after leaving the Organization.
  • You have a valid payment method on the member account to address any charges that you incur while you migrate the account.
  • You've reviewed and updated the tax information for any accounts that are changing from one Organization to another.
  • You've changed the AWS Support plan for migrating developer or business accounts.


Important: If you have a pricing agreement with AWS and want to move your management account to a different Organization, contact your Account Manager.

Check these considerations before you begin:

Migrate developer or business accounts

Note: It's a best practice to change your AWS Support Plan for a migrating developer or business account. If you don't want to be billed for migrating a developer or business account, then change or cancel its existing AWS Support Plan. For more information, see How do I cancel my AWS Support plan?

Plan the migration process

Follow these steps to plan your migration process:

In either case, perform these actions for each member account:

  1. Remove the member account from the old organization.
  2. Send an invite to the member account from the new organization.
  3. Accept the invite to the new organization from the member account.

If you want the management account of the old organization to also join the new organization, then perform these actions:

  1. Remove the member accounts from the organization using the preceding process.
  2. Delete the old organization.
  3. Repeat the preceding process to invite the old management account to the new organization as a member account.

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AWS OFFICIALUpdated 8 months ago

"The account that was used to purchase the Savings Plan owns the Savings Plan. If you leave the Organization, then the Savings Plan remains on the account that purchased the Savings Plan."

does this apply to RI? if yes we should specify it in the article (@bllecoq)

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replied a year ago

Thank you for your comment. We'll review and update the Knowledge Center article as needed.

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