How do I resolve "query timeout" errors when I import data from Athena to QuickSight SPICE?

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I imported data from Amazon Athena to Amazon QuickSight SPICE and received a "query timeout" error.


This error occurs because the DML query reached its maximum runtime. To resolve this error, increase the query runtime. You can also reduce the time to run the query from Athena.

Increase the query runtime for Amazon Athena

Complete the following steps:

  1. Check your recent Athena queries to find the query that QuickSight generated.
  2. Note how long the query ran before it failed.
  3. If the amount of time is close to the maximum DML query timeout quota (in minutes), then increase the service quota.

For more information on AWS service quotas and to request a quota increase, see AWS service quotas.

Reduce the amount of time to run the query from Athena

To reduce the query runtime, take the following actions:

For more information, see How can I resolve "Query Timeout" errors in Athena?

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