How do I resolve query timeout issues in QuickSight?

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I'm trying to import data into Amazon QuickSight using direct query mode, but I get a query timeout error. How to resolve this issue?

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The following are common reasons for getting timeout errors when you're importing data into QuickSight using direct query mode:

  • Data preparation takes more than 50 seconds.
  • Generating a visual takes more than 2 minutes.
  • The query runtime exceeds the data source timeout quota for the Amazon service that you're importing from. To see the data source timeout quota for your Amazon service, see AWS service quotas.

Note: You can't increase the 2-minute visual generation timeout quota.


Limit the data that you're importing

The following are steps that you can take to limit the amount of data that you're importing into QuickSight:

  • Unselect columns that you don't need.
  • Add filters to your dataset in QuickSight.
  • Use predicates in your custom SQL query such as WHERE and HAVING.

Import the data into SPICE

When you import your data into SPICE, queries process faster.

Note: The 50-second timeout quota for data preparation and 2-minute timeout for generating visuals still apply when you use SPICE. However, if you're using Amazon Athena to import data into QuickSight, then the query timeout is 30 minutes.

For more information on SPICE quotas for imported data and quotas for direct SQL queries, see Data source quotas.

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