How do I create another user with the same privileges as a default user for my Amazon RDS or Aurora DB instance with PostgreSQL?

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I have an Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) or an Amazon Aurora DB instance that runs PostgreSQL. I want another user to have the same permissions as the default (master) user for my DB instance. I want to duplicate or clone the default user.


A DB instance that runs PostgreSQL has only one default user (sometimes called a master user) that's created when the instance is created. However, you can create another user that has all the same permissions as the default user.

Important: PostgreSQL logs passwords in clear-text in the log files. To prevent this, see How can I stop Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL from logging my passwords in clear-text in the log files?

Note: The rds_superuser role has the most privileges for an RDS DB instance. Don't assign this role to a user unless they need the most access to the RDS DB instance.

  1. To create a new user, run the CREATE ROLE with the CREATEDB, CREATEROLE, and LOGIN options. Replace new_master and password with your user name and password.

  2. Grant the role that you created rds_superuser permissions. Replace new_master with your user name.

    postgres=> GRANT rds_superuser TO new_master;

The new user now has the same permissions as the default user.

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