How can I reactivate my suspended AWS account?

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I want to regain access to my suspended account and AWS services.

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To reinstate your account that's suspended because of outstanding charges, pay all past due charges in the AWS Billing and Cost Management console.


  • AWS closes your account if you don't reinstate the account within 30 days of suspension.
  • AWS terminates your account if you don't reinstate your account within 90 days of closure.
  • AWS can delete resources on a suspended account.
  • Your account permanently closes in 90 days, after which you won't be able to reopen your account and AWS will delete the content remaining in your account. To reopen your account before your account is permanently closed you must contact AWS Support as soon as possible. Also, within 60 days from the date of account closure, any outstanding balances must be fully paid, including providing any information specified on the invoice.


  • If you closed your AWS account within the past 90 days and you want to reopen it, see Can I reopen my closed AWS account?
  • If the suspended account is a member account in an organization, then contact the owner of the management account.
  • You can't delete resources on a suspended account.
  • AWS Support can't delete resources on your AWS account on your behalf.


Reinstate your account

To pay the past due charges on an account, first verify that your current payment information is accurate:

  1. Check Payment methods to confirm that the information associated with your payment method is correct.
  2. If your default payment method is no longer valid, add a new payment method, and then set it as the default payment method.

Then, follow these steps to pay your outstanding charges:

  1. Open the Billing and Cost Management console.
  2. On the navigation pane, choose Payments.
    You can view your outstanding invoices on the Payments Due tab.
  3. On the Payments Due tab, select the invoice that you want to pay, and then choose Complete payment.
  4. On the Complete a payment page, confirm that the summary matches what you want to pay, and then choose Verify and Pay.

Reactivate your account

Complete the following steps:

  • If you paid your past due charges in full with a credit card, then services automatically reactivate within a few minutes.
  • If you paid your past due charges in full with a different payment method, then contact AWS Support to reactivate your account.

Note: Sometimes account services can take up to 24 hours to reactivate an account. If you have paid your past due charges in full and your account isn't reactivated within 24 hours, then contact AWS Support.

Troubleshoot access issues

If your account was suspended by AWS, then you might need to provide additional information so AWS can review your reinstatement request. Check your email and spam folder to see if AWS needs any information from you to complete the reactivation process. Then, respond with the requested information and your account is reviewed for reinstatement.

If you have additional questions, or can't provide the requested information, then contact AWS Support.

If you can't sign in to your account, then contact the AWS Account Verification team using the AWS Account Verification support form.

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