How do I report abuse of AWS resources?

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I suspect that AWS resources are used for abusive or illegal purposes and I want to report it to AWS.


Use the Report Amazon AWS abuse form to report suspected abuse of AWS resources.

The AWS Trust & Safety team can assist you when AWS resources are implicated in the following abuse types:

  • Web content/non-copyright intellectual property that's objectionable content hosted on an AWS resource. The content might be a webpage, image, video, or some other form of internet content. Be sure to provide the URL of the content and a brief comment indicating why you believe the content to be abusive. If the content is a video, then also provide the timestamp in the video where the objectionable content can be located.
  • Email abuse that's an abusive email sent from an AWS resource or spam content hosted on, or sent from an AWS resource. Be sure to provide the full email header and HTML body for investigation.
  • Network activity that's originating from an AWS resource that causes problematic network traffic. This can be an intrusion attempt, denial-of-service (DoS) attack, port scanning, or any other abusive network activity. Be sure to provide the network logs showing the activity and the source and target IP addresses, ports, and timestamps.
  • Copyright that's subject to content removal requests regarding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

The AWS Trust & Safety uses the information that you provide to investigate and attempt to resolve the incident you have reported.

After submitting your report, you can expect the following:

  • If more information is needed, then the AWS Trust & Safety team will follow up with you using the email address you provide.
  • If it's necessary for the investigation of your report, then the AWS Trust & Safety team might share your information.
  • The AWS Trust & Safety team won't share the details of the investigation.
  • The AWS Trust & Safety team will notify you when the investigation is concluded.

Reporting using the Report Amazon AWS abuse form allows for a quicker report processing time when reporting single events. If your company system is configured to automatically send abuse reports, then send them to Or, you can email your abuse report to the preceding email, if you're unable to submit your abuse report using the abuse form.

If you're reporting multiple IP addresses, then send a CSV attachment in the format of: IP address, date-time in ISO, and network log line. This format provides quicker processing of your report.

Note: AWS Support can't assist with reports of abuse or questions about notifications from the AWS Trust & Safety team. If you have questions for the AWS Trust & Safety team, then reply directly to their email.

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