How do I sell an Amazon EC2 Reserved Instance on the Reserved Instance Marketplace?

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I have an active Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) Reserved Instance (RI) that I no longer need and want to sell.


If you no longer need an RI, you can sell it to another Amazon EC2 user on the Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances Marketplace. The Reserved Instance Marketplace allows you to set a price for the remainder of the RI term. If another EC2 user purchases the instance, then you receive most of the proceeds from the purchase. The remainder of the term for the sold RI is transferred to the buyer's account.

Note: You must have a US bank account to sell your RIs on the Reserved Instance Marketplace.

For an overview of the Reserved Instance Marketplace, including details and limitations, see Sell in the Reserved Instance Marketplace.

For information about becoming a seller on the Reserved Instance Marketplace, see Register as a seller.

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