How do I organize my AWS resources?

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I want to organize my AWS resources so that I can manage them as a group.


You can use AWS Resource Groups to organize and manage your AWS resources that are in the same AWS Region. With Resource Groups, you can automate tasks, such as applying security patches and updates, on a group of AWS resources at the same time.

To create AWS CloudFormation stack-based Resource Groups, see Create an AWS CloudFormation stack-based group.

To create tag-based Resource Groups, see Build a tag-based query and create a group.

You can add tags to most of your resources to help identify and sort your resources within your organization. You can add these tags when you create or edit your AWS resources. Also, you can add tags to supported resources using Tag Editor.

You can also access Resource Groups by opening the AWS Systems Manager console, and then choosing Resource Groups & Tag Editor from the navigation pane.

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