How can I redirect one domain to another in Route 53?

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I want to redirect my client from one domain to another domain in Amazon Route 53.

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Amazon Route 53 works with other services, such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), Amazon CloudFront, or Application Load Balancer, for domain redirection. Be sure to consider the pricing for solutions that use multiple services.

Note: There are differences between mapping and redirecting one domain to another domain. Amazon Route 53 can map a domain name to another domain name using a CNAME record or Route 53 alias record.

Domain mapping: When you map a domain using a CNAME record, the domain name stays the same when you enter the URL in a browser. For example, if you use a CNAME record to map "" to "", then the URL remains

Domain redirection: Domains redirected to another domain change to the redirected URL. For example, if you redirect domain "" to "", then the URL changes to the redirected URL ("") when you enter the original domain in a browser.


Domain redirection using Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront

For more information, see How do I redirect an apex domain to its subdomain or any other domain using S3 and Route 53?

Note: Amazon S3 static web hosting supports only the HTTP protocol. You must use a CloudFront distribution for redirection from HTTP to HTTPS. For more information, see How do I use CloudFront to serve HTTPS requests for my Amazon S3 bucket?

Domain redirection using Application Load Balancer

Application Load Balancer supports redirection of domain names and redirection from HTTP to HTTPS. For more information, see How can I redirect one domain to another domain using an Application Load Balancer?

Note: It's a best practice to configure redirection using the Application Load Balancer instead of Amazon S3 for domains that point to an Application Load Balancer.

Domain redirection using an Amazon CloudFront Function

For more information, see Use an edge function that redirects requests to the new domain section of How do I redirect a domain in CloudFront?

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