How do I register or transfer a .jp domain name in Route 53?

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When I use Amazon Route 53 to register a .jp domain or transfer it from an external registrar, it fails with the following error: “Address rejected by registry”.


If you experience registration or transfer issues for .jp domain names, then your registration information might be incorrect.

Before you submit the registration or transfer, review your information to make sure that the following values for your domain are correct:

  • First Name: Use a valid first name.
  • Last Name: Use a valid last name.
  • Organization: If you register as any entity other than a person, then use the name of the organization.
  • Email: Provide a valid email address that can receive email messages.
  • Phone: Enter the phone number without the leading zero in the area code.
  • Address 1: Enter a valid address.
  • (Optional) Address 2: Enter any additional address details, such as a building name or room number.
  • Country: Select the country.
  • State: Select the prefecture.
  • City: Include both the city and prefecture.
    Note: To successfully register or transfer the .jp domain name, you must include your prefecture.
  • Zip Code: Use the zip code that matches the address.

Note: The Administrative and Technical contact information must match. Make sure that you write your information in ASCII characters. You can't use multibyte characters.

For more information, see Values that you specify when you register or transfer a domain.

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