Why do I get a 200 response with "InternalError" or "SlowDown" for copy requests to my Amazon S3 bucket?

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I want to perform a copy operation on my Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket. However, Amazon S3 returns a 200 response with "InternalError" or "SlowDown." 


If you get a 200 response with InternalError or SlowDown in the message, then an internal error occurred after the copy operation started. The error message is similar to the following example:

"AmazonS3Exception: We encountered an internal error. Please try again. (Service: Amazon S3; Status Code: 200; Error Code: InternalError; Request ID: 0EXAMPLE9AAEB265)"

You might see this response when you run CopyObject, UploadPartCopy, or CompleteMultipartUpload API operations.

Note: A 200 OK response can contain either a success or an error. To look for errors, design your application to parse the contents of the response body. This allows the application to appropriately handle the success or error within the response.

A 200 response with InternalError or SlowDown is similar to a 5xx error. Because Amazon S3 is a distributed system, it's normal to see a small percentage of 200 internal errors. It's a best practice to retry these requests.

To help avoid these errors, implement the following practices:

  • Activate a retry mechanism in the application that sends requests to Amazon S3.
  • Configure your application to gradually increase request rates.

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