How do I shut down my Amazon Lightsail resources?

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How do I remove the Amazon Lightsail resources from my AWS account?


To remove all your Lightsail resources, delete your Lightsail instances and resources attached to these instances, such as static IP addresses, snapshots, or block storage.

Lightsail resources are billed incrementally in hours or in fractions of GB-months. When all Lightsail resources are deleted, you receive no further billing related to Lightsail. For fees incurred for various resources, see Frequently Asked Questions in Amazon Lightsail.

To delete your Lightsail resources, do the following:

  • Delete your Amazon Lightsail instance - You stop incurring charges for the instance as soon as it's deleted.
  • Delete a static IP in Amazon Lightsail - Static IP addresses are free while attached to an instance. Note that other resources that rely on this static IP might be impacted, such as DNS records that reference your static IP address.
  • Delete your database in Lightsail - You stop incurring charges for the database as soon as it's deleted.
  • Delete your domain's DNS zone in Lightsail - You stop incurring charges for your DNS as soon as you delete your Lightsail DNS zone.
  • Delete disk snapshots in Lightsail - You need to retain only the most recent snapshot to restore an entire disk. You can reduce charges by removing outdated snapshots, or prevent charges by deleting all snapshots.
  • Detach and delete your block storage disk in Lightsail - You must stop, or delete, your instance before you detach and delete your disk.
  • Delete a Lightsail load balancer - Deleting a load balancer also detaches any Lightsail instances attached to it, but doesn't delete the Lightsail instances. If you activated encrypted (HTTPS) traffic using an SSL/TLS certificate, then deleting the load balancer also deletes any SSL/TLS certificates associated with the load balancer.
  • Delete an SSL/TLS certificate - You can delete an SSL/TLS certificate that you no longer use. For example, your certificate might be expired, and you attached an updated certificate that's validated.
  • Turn off VPC peering that you no longer need - To turn off your VPC peering, do the following:
    In the Lightsail console, choose Account on the navigation bar.
    Choose Advanced.
    In the VPC peering section, clear Enable VPC peering for all AWS Regions.

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