What are the common issues on the recent TFN registration process for sending SMS messages to US-based numbers using Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS)?

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I want to troubleshoot issues around the US mobile carriers' recently changed regulations that require all toll-free numbers (TFNs) to complete a registration process with a regulatory body.

Short description

US mobile carrier regulations require you to register TFN numbers to accommodate higher send limits so that you can avoid being filtered or blocked by carriers. Unregistered TFNs are subject to daily, weekly, and monthly limits. The registration request that you submit might be denied for a variety of reasons.


Review the following questions and responses to find your solution:

What information do I need to start my US TFN registration process?

Collect the following information before you send in your registration request.

Company Information

  • Business or organization name
  • Corporate website
  • Business addresses
  • Contact names/phone numbers/email addresses

Toll-free number information

  • AWS Region: The AWS Region where you plan to use this toll-free number. Dedicated numbers can be used only in a single AWS Region.
  • Toll-free numbers: The toll-free numbers that you want to be registered. Only five numbers can be associated with one registered use case.

Message details

  • Message description: Provide a short description of your use case (message), and describe how your end users provide their consent to receive messages.
  • Message volumes: If you plan to send higher throughput messages, use a 10DLC or short code instead.
  • Message types: Use TFNs to send transactional messages only.

Carrier requirements for user sign-ups

  • The method used to opt in: Provide specific websites, phone numbers, or other locations that your end users will use to opt in to receive messages.
  • The URL to opt-in mockup (image) or live opt-in: The opt-in mockup (image) or existing page must show how your end users provide their explicit consent to receive SMS notifications from you.

Note: Review the best-practices guidelines for TFNs.

What is the most common reason for TFN registration to be rejected?

The most common reason for rejection is that the submission shows no clear relationship between the business name and the opt-in workflow file.

What are the best practices to make my opt-in workflow file more compliant?

For information on the best practices, see Obtain permission.

Can I skip the opt-in workflow description and opt-in workflow file fields?

The opt-in workflow description and opt-in workflow fields are mandatory in the toll-free number registration requirements process section.

Can I expedite my TFN registration request?

If the registration request has a Reviewing status, then that registration was accepted and is being reviewed.
Note: There is a change on how TFN numbers are registered and approved with external registration partners outside of AWS. It might take up to 15 business days for the review to complete. If the TFN registration is rejected, you must change the information in the registration and then resubmit. This can take an additional 15 business days.

Still need help from the AWS Support team?

If you still need help, open a Service Limit increase request from the AWS Support Center console.

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console. Then, navigate to the Support Center.
  2. Choose Create case. Then, choose Looking for service limit increases?
  3. Select Limit type as Pinpoint SMS.
  4. In the Description section, enter the details using the following format:
  • Company name
  • AWS Region
  • TFN phone numbers
  • Description of the issue/specific question

Do I need to open a support case with AWS to get started with my TFN registration?

The TFN registration process is self-serviced through the Amazon Pinpoint console. Also, you can use the TFN registration process in Regions other than Amazon Pinpoint Regions. For more information, see Manual form-based registration process for toll-free numbers in Toll-free number registration requirements and process.

Still not sure about the TFN registration process and requirements? Want help from the community?

Post the question in the Amazon SNS forum on re:Post.

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