What's the Amazon SNS IP address range?

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I need the IP address range of Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) to allow notifications to be delivered to my endpoints.


There is no subset of AWS IP address ranges specific to Amazon SNS.

To add Amazon SNS to an allow list for public HTTP or HTTPS endpoints

Add all the current AWS IP address ranges to your ingress rules.

Note: Notifications aren't always sourced from IP addresses in the same AWS Region as their associated topic. You must include the AWS IP address ranges for all Regions.

To add Amazon SNS to an allow list for private endpoints

Follow the instructions in How do I subscribe a private HTTP or HTTPS endpoint to my Amazon SNS topic?

Important: When fanning out messages from Amazon SNS to HTTP and HTTPS endpoints, it's a best practice to verify the authenticity of the messages. For instructions, see Verifying the signatures of Amazon SNS messages. For an example message validation script, see How do I verify the authenticity of Amazon SNS messages that are sent to HTTP and HTTPS endpoints?

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