How do I resolve issues using short codes and long codes to send messages in Amazon SNS?

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I want to use short codes and long codes to successfully send messages in Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS).


Important: You can't share short codes or long codes between AWS Regions. Origination numbers are account and Region specific. You can use origination numbers only for the Region or account where the origination number was acquired.
Note: For information about pricing, see Worldwide SMS Pricing.

Follow these steps to address message delays or failures:

Check for a discrepancy between your message and origination identity

You can get message delays or failures for multiple reasons. For example, you can get message delays or failures if your message type and the short code route type don't match.

Important: You must send the appropriate message type through the same type of origination number that's acquired. That is, transactional messages must use transactional short codes, and promotional messages must use promotional short codes.

To check for a discrepancy, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Amazon SNS console.
  2. On the navigation pane, expand Mobile, and then choose Origination numbers.
  3. Check the value of the Route type for your short code.

To check the message type that's set when a message is sent, check the smsType field in your delivery logs.

Troubleshoot messages sent from long codes

  1. Confirm that you're sending messages from the right short code.
  2. Update the keywords and responses in your SMS settings in Amazon Pinpoint. The keywords and responses in your SMS settings must match the keywords and responses that you registered when you requested your short code.
  3. Confirm that the country that you're sending messages to with your short code is the same country where you acquired your short code.
    Important: You can't send messages to multiple countries with the same short code.

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