How can I troubleshoot when I'm unable to mount my Storage Gateway NFS file share on my NFS client?

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I want to troubleshoot the errors that I get when I mount my AWS Storage Gateway Network File System (NFS) file share on my NFS client.


1.    Confirm that your NFS client is among the supported NFS clients for a file gateway.

2.    Use the Storage Gateway console to check if your file share is in the unavailable state. If the file share is in the unavailable state, then check whether the file gateway can reach the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) endpoint. To do this, access the Storage console using the SSH client with the following command:

ssh -i "keyfile.pem"

Select the command prompt option, and then enter the following command:

ncport -d s3.region. -p 443

You receive a connected response if the Storage Gateway has connectivity to S3 endpoints.

Note: It's a best practice to make sure that your IAM role has permission to access the S3 bucket.

3.    Confirm that the NFS client is installed on your client. On a Windows Server client, navigate to the Server Manager. Choose Add roles and features, and then choose Next until you reach the Featurespage. Select Client for NFS, choose Next, and then choose Install.

On a Linux client, you can run the following command:

yum -y install nfs-utils

To check that the NFS service is running, run this command:

service nfs status

If the NFS service isn't running, then run this command to start the service:

service nfs start

4.    Review your network configuration to confirm that the required ports are open between the client and the Storage Gateway host or appliance. NFS version 3 clients require ports 111 and 20048. NFS version 4 clients require port 2049. To check if the required ports are open, run the telnet command from your client to the Storage Gateway host:

Important: Replace with the IP address of your file gateway.

telnet 2049
telnet 20048
telnet 111

5.    Confirm that your client is in the list of allowed clients on your NFS file share. By default, is listed as an allowed client on an NFS file share, so that any client can mount the file share. However, there might be custom restrictions on the allowed clients.

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