How do I use table statistics to monitor an AWS DMS task?

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I want to use table statistics to monitor an AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) task.


  1. Open the AWS DMS console, and then choose Database migration tasks.
  2. Choose the name of the task that you want to monitor.
  3. In the Table statistics section, view migration details for your table.

These are the states for Load state:

  • Table does not exist: AWS DMS can't find the table on the source endpoint.
  • Before load: The full load process is turned on, but it hasn't started yet.
  • Full load: The full load process is in progress.
  • Table completed: Full load is complete.
  • Table cancelled: Loading of the table is canceled.
  • Table error: An error occurred when loading the table.

Note: If you corrected an issue on your table, select the table and then choose Reload table data. This action reloads one or more tables so that you don't have to restart the task.

The Inserts, Deletes, Updates, and DDLs columns show the number of replicated statements during the change data capture (CDC) phase.

The Full load rows column shows the total number of migrated rows during the full load phase.

The Total column shows the number of migrated rows during the full load and the applied Insert, Update, or Delete statements during the CDC phase.

The Validation state column shows the state of the validation, such as Not enabled, Pending records, Validated, or Error.

The Validation pending, Validation failed, and Validation suspended columns show the number of transactions for each transaction type. For example, this value represents the number of rows that failed validation, are suspended, or are in pending state. For more information, see AWS DMS data validation.

The Last updated column shows the date and time that the information contained in the table statistics tab was last updated.

The AppliedDdls column shows the number of data definition language (DDL) statements used for the tables applied on the target.

The AppliedDeletes, AppliedInserts, and AppliedUpdates columns show the number of delete, insert, and update actions applied on a target table.

If you stop and restart a task, then the table statistics are reset.

Example: When you perform a CDC with entries for inserts, updates, and deletes, the count resets to 0 when you stop or resume a task.

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