Why is my invitation link to join an AWS organization not working?

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I’ve invited an AWS account to join the organization but the invited account can’t see it. Or, my invitation link isn’t working.


When you send an invitation to an AWS account to join an organization, the recipient account owner must accept the invitation.

If you have problems with sending invitations, follow these steps to troubleshoot the issue:

Make sure that you are using the email address associated with the management account.

Verify that you have the following permissions:

  • organizations:describeOrganization
  • organizations:InviteAccountToOrganization

Verify that the IAM role or user has the correct permissions

After you send an invitation, view all the linked AWS accounts in your organization.
Note: When you view the linked AWS accounts, you can cancel pending invitations.

If you can't see the pending invitations, make sure that the management account's AWS Identity and Management (IAM) role or user has these permissions:

  • organizations:ListHandshakesForOrganization
  • organizations:DescribeOrganizations (required only when using the AWS Organizations console)
  • organizations:CancelHandshake

View the received invitations

When you send an invitation, the AWS account that receives the invitation can accept or decline it. If you can't see the invitation, then check these conditions:

Make sure that the invited AWS account is a standalone account. A standalone account is an account that isn't a member account or a management account of another organization.

  • If the invited account is a member of another organization, the account must first leave that organization before joining another.
  • If the invited account is a management account for an organization, the management account must first remove all member accounts from its organization. The account must also delete the organization before accepting an invitation.

If the invited account is a standalone account and you still can't view the invitation, then make sure that you have these permissions:

  • organizations:ListHandshakesForAccount-Required (to see the list of invitations in the AWS Organizations console)
  • organizations:AcceptHandshake
  • organizations:DeclineHandshake
  • iam:CreateServiceLinkedRole

If you performed these troubleshooting actions and still experience issues with invitations, contact AWS Support for further assistance.

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