How do I use a software license that I own on AWS hardware?

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I own a software license, and I want to use it on AWS hardware.


Although AWS can’t provide licensing advice, we offer tools to help you use your licensed software on AWS infrastructure.

Because some software licenses specify the types of hardware, lengths of time, or number of machines they can be run on, you might consider running your software on instances in a Dedicated Host.

Dedicated Hosts are a way to provision an entire physical server for your own use, which can help you meet the requirements of some software licenses. Dedicated Hosts also support host recording using AWS Config, which can help with license reporting. For more information, see Bring your own license.

If your software is a Microsoft product, see License Mobility for more information on how to use Microsoft software on AWS infrastructure.

Your software might also be listed in the AWS Marketplace, and some software providers offer a "Bring Your Own License" (BYOL) version of their software, ready to launch on AWS infrastructure. For more information, see AWS Marketplace Buyers Guide.

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