How do I use the IAM Identity Center and the AWS access portal?

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I activated AWS IAM Identity Center, and I want to know how to use the AWS access portal.


IAM Identity Center users can use the AWS access portal to access AWS accounts and cloud applications.

Important: Make sure that you assigned user access to cloud applications in IAM Identity Center and set up single sign-on access to applications.

To access and use the AWS access portal, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the IAM Identity Center console.
  2. Choose Dashboard, and then choose the link in AWS access portal URL.
  3. Sign in to the AWS access portal.
    Note: IAM Identity Center users use the user credentials for the directory that's configured in the IAM Identity Center to access the AWS access portal.
  4. Use the AWS access portal to access cloud applications or accounts in AWS Organizations.
  5. Sign out of the AWS access portal.

Note: By default, the duration of the IAM Identity Center permissions credential session is one hour. However, you can change the session duration.

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