How do I view CPU and memory usage for my Amazon Aurora DB cluster?

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I want to view the CPU and memory usage for my Amazon Aurora DB cluster. How can I do this using Enhanced Monitoring?


Amazon Aurora automatically sends metric data for your DB instance to Amazon CloudWatch. You can view the metric data in the Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) console. To view Aurora metrics in the CloudWatch console, see Overview of monitoring metrics in Amazon Aurora.

To view Enhanced Monitoring metrics, you must first turn on Enhanced Monitoring.

You can view the available metrics for your DB cluster in the Amazon RDS by doing the following:

  1. Open the Amazon RDS console.
  2. Choose Databases from the navigation pane.
  3. Select your DB instance.
  4. Choose the Monitoring tab.
  5. From the Monitoring menu, choose CloudWatch, Enhanced Monitoring, or OS process list.

In the operating system (OS) process list section of Enhanced Monitoring, review the OS processes and RDS processes. Confirm the percentage of CPU use of a mysqld or Aurora process. These metrics can help you confirm whether any increase in CPU utilization is caused by OS or by RDS processes. Or, you can use these metrics to monitor any CPU usage increases caused by mysqld or Aurora. You can also see the division of CPU use by reviewing the metrics for cpuUtilization. For more information, see the Monitoring OS metrics with Enhanced Monitoring.

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