How can I find the device specific VPN configuration file for my vendor?

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I created an AWS Site-to-Site VPN connection and need to download the configuration information to configure my customer gateway device. But, I can't find the specific configuration file for my device.

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Example configuration files are available for some devices that AWS tests. If the configuration file isn't available for your device to download, then use the generic configuration file.

The generic configuration file includes all the information that's required to set up your customer gateway configuration:

  • Pre-shared key
  • AWS VPN Endpoint IP address
  • IKE and IPsec settings
  • Advanced settings (fragmentation, TCP MSS, and so on)
  • Tunnel interface configuration

Note: The tunnel interface configuration details aren't required for customer gateways that use a policy-based configuration.


Follow the instructions to download the generic configuration file. Then, use the configuration file to configure your customer gateway device. For more information, see Your customer gateway device.

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