How do I check if AWS Global Accelerator with Site-to-Site VPN provides better latency and performance in data transfer?

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I want to know if I can use AWS Global Accelerator with AWS Site-to-Site VPN to provide better latency and performance in data transfer.

Short description

An accelerated Site-to-Site VPN connection uses Global Accelerator to optimize the network path. The accelerator uses the congestion-free AWS global network to route traffic to the virtual private network (VPN) endpoint that provides the best application performance.


Note: Global Accelerator supports a Site-to-Site VPN configuration that terminates on a transit gateway. 

To use Global Accelerator with Site-to-Site VPN, complete the following steps:

  1. Compare the time that it takes to download a file when you use Global Accelerator with the time that it takes to download the file from the internet. Review the difference in download times for different AWS Regions.
  2. Access the website from your data center to check the AWS edge location of the traffic.
    Important: Make sure that the website uses the same internet routing as the customer gateway.
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