How do I send email from my multifunction device with WorkMail?

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I want to set up my multifunction device to send email through Amazon WorkMail. How can I do that?

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WorkMail supports Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) for sending email. You can configure your multifunction device to send outbound email using the SMTP endpoint of the AWS Region where your WorkMail organization is located.

To set up a multifunction device, you need the following:

  • A WorkMail user email address and password.
  • The fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the WorkMail SMTP endpoint.
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption for the WorkMail SMTP endpoint connections.
    Note: TLS might be referred to as SSL, its predecessor protocol. WorkMail supports only TLS-encrypted connections on port 465, and not STARTTLS. Check your device documentation to determine whether it supports STARTTLS, TLS/SSL, or both.
  • Supported attachments. Note: See Unsupported attachment types.

You don't need an additional budget because there's no additional cost to use an SMTP gateway to send email.


Create or enable a WorkMail user, get the SMTP endpoint for your Region, and then configure your multifunction device.

  1. Open the WorkMail console, and then follow the instructions for Creating users.
  2. (Optional) Follow the instructions for Enabling existing users.
  3. Choose the SMTP TLS (port 465) endpoint for the Region where you have Amazon WorkMail installed.
    For example, is the endpoint for the Amazon WorkMail SMTP server in the US West (Oregon) Region.
  4. Configure your multifunction device to connect to the Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) SMTP endpoint.
    Note: Device configurations vary across different manufacturers and models. Refer to your device documentation for instructions.

For more information about configuring an outgoing SMTP server in your device or client software, see Setting Up IMAP for Amazon WorkMail.

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