How do I modify the running mode of my WorkSpace?

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I want to use the AutoStop function to put my WorkSpace in suspend mode when I'm not using it.


Amazon WorkSpaces can be billed by the month or by the hour, depending on which running mode you choose. The running mode is initially specified when launching a new Workspace. To be billed using the monthly model, leave the running mode as AlwaysOn when you launch the WorkSpace. To be billed using the hourly model, choose AutoStop.

To change the running mode after a WorkSpace has launched, follow the directions at Modify the running mode. By default, only system administrators can modify the running mode. However, other users can perform this task if they are given the relevant permissions to manage Workspaces. Follow the directions in Switch the WorkSpace running mode, depending on your client version.

Note: Updating the running mode of a WorkSpace from AutoStop to AlwaysOn might result in an overlap in billing between the two billing models. If you plan to transition from AutoStop to AlwaysOn, consider making the change near the end of a month.

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