How can I migrate WorkSpace users between AWS Regions or AWS accounts?

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I need to migrate my Amazon WorkSpaces fleet to a different AWS Region due to latency issues. I also need to migrate some of my WorkSpaces fleet to a different AWS account for billing purposes. How might I do this?


WorkSpaces doesn’t offer an authoritative mechanism to migrate a WorkSpace with user configurations and user data between AWS accounts or Regions. When a WorkSpace is created, its managed resources are bound to its directory service and subnet. However, there are methods you can use to make WorkSpaces images accessible across AWS accounts or Regions.

Cross-Region redirection

As part of its business continuity features, WorkSpaces offers a way to redirect users to another existing WorkSpace in a different AWS account or Region.

For more information, see Cross-Region redirection for Amazon WorkSpaces.

Sharing WorkSpace images

WorkSpace images can be shared or migrated between AWS accounts and Regions. WorkSpaces images allow users to launch WorkSpaces resources with predefined applications and operating systems.

For more information, see Share or unshare a custom WorkSpaces image and Copy a custom WorkSpaces image.

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