How do I change the volume size or compute type of a WorkSpace?

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I want to change the volume size or compute type of my WorkSpace in Amazon WorkSpaces. How can I do this?


To change the WorkSpace volume size or compute type, see Modify a WorkSpace.

After you modify a WorkSpace using the WorkSpaces console, you receive the message "modification of your WorkSpace was successfully initiated." The WorkSpace reboots after you request the change. To verify that the volume size or compute type is changed, choose Refresh Data. Expect a delay of 10-15 minutes for a volume size change to become visible.

If you want users to be able to access their WorkSpaces when the disk size increase is running, then verify the status of the WorkSpaces. Make sure that the WorkSpaces have a status of AVAILABLE instead of STOPPED before you resize the WorkSpace volumes. If the WorkSpaces are STOPPED, then they can't be started when the disk size increase is in progress.

Note the following timelines and restrictions when changing the volume size or compute type:

  • Review the sizing requirements for changing the volume size.
  • You can request a WorkSpace bundle type increase one time every hour, or decrease one time every 30 days.
  • You can request a volume increase one time every 6 hours.
  • You can't decrease the size of root and user volumes after the WorkSpace is launched.
  • You can't modify both the root and user volume simultaneously. To modify both, first follow the previously mentioned process for the root volume, and then repeat the process for the user volume.
  • WorkSpaces that were created earlier than December 2016 don't support resize operations. Rebuild the WorkSpace to change the volume type to SSD. Then, resize the WorkSpace storage.

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