How do I configure my local printer in my Windows WorkSpace?

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Setting up a local printer can be challenging in Amazon WorkSpaces. How can I set up or confirm settings for a local printer in a WorkSpace?


Amazon WorkSpaces printing capabilities depend on the operating system that the WorkSpace client runs on:

  • Windows and macOS clients support local printers and cloud printing services.
  • Other clients support network printing and cloud printing services.

Depending on your WorkSpaces protocol or your local printer, you might have only basic printing options available. In your WorkSpace, open Print Management to see the available options. To use device-specific features, you might need to download and install a model-specific printer driver to your WorkSpace.

To install a Windows printer driver in your WorkSpace:

  1. Download the correct local printer driver. It's a best practice to download printer drivers from the printer manufacturer's official website. You might have to unzip the downloaded file to access the driver file (.inf).
  2. Open Printers & scanners.
  3. Choose the Add a printer or scanner option and choose The printer I want isn't listed.
  4. In the Add Printer dialog box, choose Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings and choose Next.
  5. For Use an existing port, select LPT1: (Printer Port). This makes the driver available in dropdown list for later selection.
  6. For Install the printer driver, select a manufacturer and a printer, and then choose Have Disk.
  7. Choose Browse to navigate to the location of the driver file (.inf). When you find the file, choose Open and OK. Then, select the correct driver and choose Next.
  8. Don't share the printer and don't print a test page.

To select a local printer driver in your WorkSpace:

  1. In Print Management, choose All Printers. Right-click the redirected local printer and choose Properties.
    Note: Local printers use the following naming conventions:
    PCoIP: <local-printer-name> (Local - <username>.<computername>)
    WorkSpaces Streaming Protocol (WSP): <local-printer-name> - Redirected (<-computername>)
  2. In the printer's Properties dialog box, choose the Advanced tab. For Driver, select the installed driver to assign the new driver to your redirected printer. Choose OK.
  3. After you finish changing the printer, review the printer's Properties to confirm the new option. You might need to restart the WorkSpace to see the changes.

Note: When you print to a local printer, you can monitor the print job in your local printer queue.

Instead of using a local printer, you can use the Microsoft Print to PDF option for your local Windows or macOS system.

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