When I print from a Windows WorkSpace to a local printer, why do I experience document formatting or printer feature issues?

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When I print to my local printer from an Amazon WorkSpaces Windows WorkSpace, the document formatting is incorrect, or some printer features don’t work. How can I fix this?


When you print from a WorkSpace, issues with document formatting or specific printer features might be due to one of the following:

  • Mismatched printer drivers
  • Advanced remote printing isn’t enabled by a Group Policy

To fix these issues, follow these steps:

1.    Verify that the most recent version of the Amazon WorkSpaces client is installed on the host computer.

2.    Confirm that an Amazon WorkSpaces Group Policy that enables basic and advanced remote printing is installed in your domain.

3.    Run a Group Policy update using the following PowerShell command:

gpupdate /force

4.    Verify that the most recent printer driver is installed from the manufacturer’s website on both the local host and within the Windows WorkSpace. Run the following Windows PowerShell command to check the driver versions on both devices:


5.    Reboot the WorkSpace.

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