AWS Transfer Family announces an alternate port for SFTP servers

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AWS Transfer Family New Feature Launch Announcement

AWS Transfer Family now supports port 2222 for SFTP servers with VPC-hosted endpoints. This enables you to enhance the security of your servers as well as accommodate your business partners’ port requirements.

Previously, customers could enable default port 22 for their SFTP endpoints. This launch introduces the option to enable port 22, port 2222, or both, for your file transfers. With an alternate port, you can comply with your organization’s security requirements, reduce the risk of automated attacks, and ensure compatibility with external clients that need to communicate over nonstandard ports.

The option to enable port 2222 for SFTP servers with VPC endpoints is available in all AWS Regions where Transfer Family is available. To learn more about how to configure an alternate port on your SFTP server, visit our documentation.

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