Why are snapshots created for my FSx for ONTAP file system after I turned off automatic daily backups?

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I turned of automatic daily backups on the Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP console, but snapshots are still created for my file system.

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By default, all FSx for ONTAP volumes have an associated snapshot policy at the file system level. To stop snapshot creation, you must turn off the default snapshot policy, or any other snapshot policy, on the file system.

To view the snapshot policy, connect to your file system, and then run the following command:

FsxId1234::> volume snapshot policy show

To view the snapshot policy associated with individual volumes, run the following command:

FsxId1234::>  vol show -fields snapshot-policy

server volume     snapshot-policy
------- ---------- ---------------
fsx     volume4.      none
fsx     fsx_root      default
fsx     volume3.      none
fsx     volume1       default
fsx     volume2       default
5 entries were displayed.

For more information about snapshot policies, see Snapshot policies.


Use the Amazon FSx console to turn off a volume's snapshot policy

  1. Open the Amazon FSx console.
  2. Choose File systems, and then select the FSx for ONTAP file system that you want to update a volume for.
  3. Choose the Volumes tab.
  4. Choose the volume that you want to update.
  5. For Actions, choose Update volume. The Update volume dialog box displays with the volume's current settings.
  6. Change the snapshot policy from default to none, and then choose Update.

Use the NetApp ONTAP CLI to turn off a volume's snapshot policy

Run the vol modify command from the NetApp ONTAP CLI. Replace svm_name and volume_name with your volume's name and your SVM's name.

FsxId1234::> vol modify -vserver svm_name -volume volume_name -snapshot-policy none

The preceding example command detaches the default snapshot policy from the volume.


FsxId1234::>  volume modify -vserver fsx -volume datavolume -snapshot-policy none

Warning: You are changing the Snapshot policy on volume "datavolume" to "none". Snapshot copies on this volume that do not match any of the prefixes of the new Snapshot policy will not be deleted. However, when the new Snapshot policy takes effect, depending on the new retention
count, any existing Snapshot copies that continue to use the same prefixes might be deleted. See the 'volume modify' man page for more information.
Do you want to continue? {y|n}: y
Volume modify successful on volume datavolume of Vserver fsx.

Run the following command to verify that the snapshot policy changed:

FsxId1234::> vol show -vserver fsx -volume datavolume -fields snapshot-policy
vserver volume snapshot-policy
------- ------- ---------------
fsx     datavolume none

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