Can i used lightsail with cloudfront to get A record without route 53


i would like to know if i can use cloudfront with lightsail. My problem is as follows i have a cloudfront distribution and my domain name is registered with an entity that does not give access to the A record and i would like to know how to use aws without having to transfer my domain name to route 53 in order to obtain an A record. i have seen that cloudfront and lightsail could do the trick but to create the A record i have seen that you can only provide a static ip address (impossible with cloudfront) and a load balancer to do that. Do i have a way to used the cloudfront Distribution domain name to get the A record ?

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If your DNS provider does not support Alias/ANAME records, you cannot use CloudFront for your root/apex record (e.g., However, you can use it for any subdomain (e.g.,, by creating the record itself as a CNAME. A key difference between A records and CNAME records is that an A record accepts an IPv4 address as the value for its record, whereas CNAME (or canonical name) accepts a domain as its value. If you disable the CloudFront distribution, there would be downtime as you're disabling it. Other changes are gracefully rolled out to the edge locations, so you might experience different behavior depending on your location in the world​.

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CloudFront distribution name (<ID> resolved IPs are dynamic.

For other DNS providers, you can configure a CNAME as per How can I configure CloudFront to serve my content using an alternate domain name over HTTPS?.

With Route 53, you can setup an Alias record. Alternatively, check with your DNS provider if they have a similiar feature to R53 alias record. Some providers do and called it CNAME flattening.

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  • Hi Mike, i'm checking with cloudflare just to ensure that i will be able to use the CNAME Flattening because I dont want my dns to be transfert to cloudflare if i decide to go that way.



You should now be able to create an alias record in your DNS zone’s advanced tab to target your Cloudfront distribution.

Thank you for using Lightsail, Leslie

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