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Testing out EKS, so not really sure if this is possible. But I launched an EC2 Kubernetes AMI instance, how do I go about loading/installing services/pods such as kafka/nginx? I'm not trying to use a node group or ASG, it's just a standalone server. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello, Once you have configured the EKS successfully, you can deploy the workloads based on your requirement like you can deploy the pods like kafka/nginx using kubectl, For an example below,

You can deploy sample with the following command:

kubectl apply -f ""

To see the new pod running in your cluster, type:

kubectl get pods -l app=hello-eks-a

Example output:

NAME                                     READY   STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
hello-eks-a-745bfcd586-6zx6b   1/1     Running   0          22m

To check the logs of the container to make sure it started successfully, type:

kubectl logs -l app=hello-eks-a

There is also a default web page being served from the container. You can forward the deployment port to your local machine with

kubectl port-forward deploy/hello-eks-a 8000:80

Now you should be able to open your browser or use curl to http://localhost:8000 to view the page example application.

curl localhost:8000
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  • How would I go about installing something like "" or nginx without being part of a cluster? install kubectl and then what??

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