Despite cancelling all services, I am still able to find active resources in the Tag editor


Despite deleting all services i.e. s3 bucket, EC2.... in all regions, I can still find active resources in the Tag Editor, I followed carefully the AWS documentation: But it does not mention how to resolve permanently these active services that were found. I can confimr that i when through all the services and subscription in all regions they are 100% empty.

even showed nothing

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What resources are left?
Does this mean that EC2 and S3 that were supposed to be deleted are displayed in the tag editor?

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  • Thanks Riku for your reply, In the resource search results , I can 175 results, 90% are of service type is EC2 (subnet, internet gateway, security group..) and a couple of KMS, RDS and redshift. They are all untagged. When i navigate to EC2 service i find it empty, there's nothing.


On the EC2 side, first thought is that the instances may have been stopped but not terminated. Or they may have been terminated, but the volumes were not deleted.

EC2 Global View will give a view of all EC2 resources in all regions

Beyond that, it could be that the instances and volumes have been deleted, but snapshots remain.

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  • Thanks Steve, I have navigated to the link you provided, EC2 global view, there are no instances at all for all regions, for a couple of regions there are some VPCs, security groups and subnets. Is that a problem?

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