How do I find the storage that I'm being billed for?


I get a monthly bill for a few cents each month, and the amount is gradually growing. The bill says it is for

  • Amazon Relational Database Service Backup Storage
  • $0.100 per additional GB-month of backup storage exceeding free allocation

I can't see where this storage is being used so that I can delete it - I've cleared out everything else on my account so there is no database to backup. There are no backup plans, jobs or vaults, no snapshots belonging to me in any of the RDS snapshot tabs, no reserved instances or automated backups.

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You can get information from the AWS Cost explorer You can open AWS account and click the link of the Cost explorer it will redirect to the product page there you can filter and see the information of the prices.

Backup Storage – Backup storage is the storage associated with your automated database backups and any customer-initiated database snapshots. Increasing your backup retention period or taking additional database snapshots increases the backup storage consumed by your database.

You can check the RDS Snapshots if you have any from the link here

Why does my additional backup storage cost more than allocated DB instance storage?

The storage provisioned to your DB instance for your primary data is located within a single Availability Zone. When your database is backed up, the backup data (including transactions logs) is geo-redundantly replicated across multiple Availability Zones to provide even greater levels of data durability. The price for backup storage beyond your free allocation reflects this extra replication that occurs to maximize the durability of your critical backups.

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  • The key piece of information I had overlooked was that the RDS management console only shows snapshots etc. in one selected zone - I was looking in the wrong one, and found my snapshots in the Europe (London) zone. It's a shame the RDS management console can't show global information, or at least somehow indicate which regions I am active in.

  • Hi I am happy that you found the issue, Yes there is no global information of resources in RDS console instead of EC2 you can see everything. Thanks

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