Which AWS security services are needed


Assuming that we are using

  • EKS
  • RDS (with Proxy)
  • VPCs
  • Elasticache

What would be the recommended security services to use here? There is a large number of them and I not sure, which ones to pick.

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I'd recommend you always start by following the Security Pilla of the Well-Architected Framework.


This will give you lots of best practices and which services you can use to improve security of your workloads.

The EKS Security Best Practives also will give you a lot of insights: https://aws.github.io/aws-eks-best-practices/security/docs/

Take also a look at Inspector, GuardDuty and Detective also: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/guardduty/latest/ug/kubernetes-protection.html



And also, Security Hub to centralize and check your security posture. https://aws.amazon.com/pt/security-hub/

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Here you can find a list of security services on AWS. Depending on what you want to protect and the architecture of your application, you will find a service to help you. These services are classified into:

  • Identity and access management
  • Detection and response
  • Network and application protection
  • Data protection
  • Compliance


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  • @Hernan many thanks for getting back to me. I already found that page. However, I was rather thinking of a more opinionated answer of where I have to set my priorities for making everything secure.



Since it's easy to get started, I think the best first step is to enable AWS Security Hub.
Although AWS Security Hub is not a service you use to protect your services, it can help you identify configurations that do not follow security best practices for the services you use in your AWS account.

For example, with EKS, you can check whether it is set to not be accessible to the public.

Based on these inspection results, you can review your settings and use AWS more securely.

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Depends on what your app is trying to achieve, but I d recommend:

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