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I'm currently experimenting with the usage of Lambda to render videos using puppeteer. The lack of a GPU combined with the 15 minutes maximum duration limits the duration of the videos that can be rendered. Is there an infrastructure alternative where I could retain the serverless mode but have more options on the hardware?

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You can consider using AWS Fargate with Amazon Elastic Container Service or Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service for a serverless compute option without the 15 minutes duration constraint. Alas, Fargate wouldn't allow you to request GPU support either.

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  • GPU presence is important.

  • Looks like that once I start requiring GPU in AWS Jobs, then the startup time becomes ridiculous. What's the cost/complexity difference between the option you proposed and AWS Batch? Thanks!


You can't specify the runtime environment for AWS Lambda functions, so no, you can't require the presence of a GPU. But you could run GPU workloads on AWS Batch, by using an AMI with GPU support. AWS Batch automatically provisions compute resources. There's no need to install or manage batch computing software. AWS Batch jobs are not limited by the 15 minute runtime. Hope this helps

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